Idea of this website was conceptualized by Pooja Khandelwal, a MBA from prestigious Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai and a Gemologist from famous Gemological Institute of America.

Life has its own role in shaping us! And sometime the unfolding is so unexpected !

So was it with Pooja. She was supposed to join the family owned business of gems but then destiny brought her into food and she dedicatedly followed the path of bringing innovation in food segment. Now she has in her credits the points of being a food specialist and her uniqueness is to bring on table a recipe which is extremely good for health and at the same time it gives great satisfaction to the taste buds.

Eat Tasty Live healthy is a mantra which Pooja believes and practices. In her own words I am a staunch believer that the most nutritious food can also be made tastiest. Don’t trust me blindly ! Try my recipes and witness it yourself !

About Pooja Khandelwal