About Dr. Ajit Saigal


Dr. Ajit Saigal is the co-founder of this website. Life of doctors revolves around anatomy and physiology of human body and their profession is to think constantly about its well-being.Coming from the medical background that too being from a family wherein continuously fourth generations is of doctors, it was easy for Dr. Saigal to relate to the most conventional problem of Healthy Food Vs Tasty Food thus he was constantly pondering over the thought on how something enticing can be done towards this most common issue we face today.

In his own words food is one of the biggest cause of human existence because it is only food which gives us energy to live and survive thus if we can manage to have food which is good for health, we can live a medicine free life. He further adds that the biggest deterrent to healthy food is want of taste. So this website is an effort to help people in two ways. First is to suggest what a particular person should eat in normal cases and also in routine diseases and second how we can bring taste in it thus making the dream of Eat Tasty Live Healthy come true.


Dr. Bela Saigal is one of the most renowned Gynaecologist & Obstetrician of Varanasi. She has been practicing for more than three decades; Her core area of expertise includes high risk pregnancy care, intensive care for women during prenatal, natal and post natal period. Further to this she specializes in giving a holistic consultation to woman’s health viz; giving tips for having a healthy and balanced life and prescribing treatments and therapies for the same. Administer non-intravenous medications and provide over all medical care in most common issues related to modern-age woman.

About Dr. Bela Saigal

About Dr. Rajesh Mishra


Dr. Rajesh Mishra is a renowned Homeopath Doctor of Varanasi. As this particular branch of medical science permits him, he is an expert of his own kind in treating all kinds of diseases which are duly cured in the field of homeopathy. He is also the Medical Advisor of the website.

Dr. Mishra is of firm belief that food plays a pivotal role in the successful living of a healthy life. He has got special interest and natural instinct in make a careful selection of food which a particular diseased person could eat without compromising the taste.