Health Tip#04

Focus on Deep Breathing

When you are trying to juggle multiple things at a time, you are bound to be stressed. Five to ten minutes of deep breathing can help in relaxing you and reducing anxiety.

You can also close your eyes and focus on relaxing and tensing each muscle group while taking deep, slow breaths. The best part about this is that you can do it any time, at home, workplace or even on the road.

Deep Breathing improves overall health and lowers our chances of sickness or disease. Breathing deeply helps to clean our blood by removing the carbon dioxide and increasing oxygen. Most diseases in the body begin with having unclean blood.

Deep breathing supplies your body with fresh oxygen, something that it needs in abundance to function optimally. When your brain gets enough oxygen it works better – making you calmer and more poised to face any problems you might have. Apart from that a clear and calm mind has the capability to make you happier as it aids in the release of serotonin – the happy hormone.

Think about a time when you were stressed, worried or anxious. Do you remember your body all wound up and tense? Your muscles tightly contracted and your breathing shallow? This is your body’s primitive conditioning coming into play. But when you breathe properly and deeply, the oxygen that you inhale helps your mind think and cognate better, relaxes your muscles, tells your body that it can get out of the ‘fight or flight’ mode and helps beat all the damage that stress normally has on the body.