Sprouts Sandwich

This is a healthy sprouts recipe#personal favorite 🙂 Health Benefits: 1. Helpful in treating anaemia. 2. Improving appetite and relieving problems of indigestion. 3. It is also helpful in fighting infections. So, load up on the health benefits of this delicious sprouts recipe. 4. This nutritious recipe can be easily included in 1200 calorie meals […]

Sprouted Chickpeas Curry

This is a famous North Indian dish that is one of the healthy lunch recipes to lose weight. It can be enjoyed all by itself or paired with rotis and chapatis. It is an extremely healthy sprout high in proteins, fiber and very low glycemic index making it suitable for diabetics. Health Benefits: 1. Bone […]

Mushroom Brown Rice

Heath Benefits: A healthy diet plan to lose weight usually does not include rice, but brown rice is a healthy alternative with high glycemic index and rich in fiber that makes it a healthy food option for calorie conscious people, as well as people suffering from diabetes. What’s even better about this recipe is that […]

Red Kidney Beans Masala or Rajma Masala Punjabi Style

  Health Benefits: Red kidney beans or Rajma is undoubtedly on of the healthiest vegetarian sources of high-quality protein and fiber that makes it an important part of vegetarian and vegan diet to lose weight. It is also a healthy food of vegetarian body builders. This is a traditional North Indian dish that can be […]

Chestnut Soup

The fruits of chestnut trees produce a holiday favorite that is only in season for a brief time each winter (from approximately October–December). They’re a good source of vitamin C, but more importantly, they bring a subtly sweet, nutty flavor to a variety of vegetables and breads. Fresh chestnuts may be tricky to find, so […]

Healthy Green Broccoli Chappati

Instead of stuffing the vegetables inside rolled out rotis, we grind the vegetable into a smooth paste and add the paste to the atta while kneading the dough. So am not sure whether to name it as paratha or vegetable chapatti. Whatever be the name given, it is definitely a healthy food and an easier […]

Healthilicious Chilli Paneer

Health Benefits : Its a protein rich dish. Paneer also has calcium apart from protein. This helps in building stronger teeth and bones (to a certain extent). Paneer is made of protein, it releases energy slowly in the body which means, it does not cause a spike in one’s blood sugar levels, nor does it […]

Banana Almond Butter Sandwich

Health Benefit : This breakfast option couldn’t be simpler, but it packs a nutritional wallop. The rye bread and banana will get you halfway to your daily Resistant Starch goal. And the almond butter adds metabolism-boosting. Resistant of Starch which not increases fat ,Bananas help with Weight Loss Bananas Contain Nutrients That Moderate Blood Sugar […]

Diet Friendly Chocolate Pudding

This warm pudding has a marvelous deep chocolaty flavor, but it’s low in fat and super-quick to make. Don’t skimp on the quality of cocoa with this one—treat yourself to the good stuff. Ingredients : 1. 2/3 cup unsweetened Cocoa Powder 2. 2 tsp Cornstarch 3. 1 tsp Vanilla Extract 4. 1 large egg 5. […]

Spinach Dip

Try this light spinach dip made healthier with reduced-fat cream cheese, nonfat yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese instead of full-fat cheese, mayonnaise and sour cream. It will save you a whopping 84 calories and 10 grams of fat per serving when compared to traditional versions. Serve it with pita chips and crunchy vegetables or spread […]