Beauty Tip#19

Nutmeg and Milk Face Pack

Beauty Benefits

  1. Nutmeg contains essential oils that are beneficial for your skin. Along with that, it also has antiseptic properties which help fight pimples and acne.
  2. Nutmeg is also known to be a sleep inducer. Milk is known to be a skin moisturizer and softener. The combination of the two works wonders in this mask.
  3. It makes the skin brighter and fairer up to two shades. The pigmentation has gone down considerably.
  4. It has even helped me with my sun spots.
  5. They have also faded to some extent.
  6. I really do not need to apply any other moisturizer after washing off this mask since milk moisturizes but does not break out my skin.
  7. The addition of saffron also adds to the benefits of the mask.
  8. Saffron’s exfoliating qualities make it a wonderful aid in clearing and brightening up the complexion. It helps in blood circulation resulting in a glowing skin.

Things Required

  • Whole nutmeg with skin removed.
  • 1 tbsp of milk.
  • 1 strand of saffron (optional).
  • Stone grinder.


How to Make Nutmeg and Milk Face Pack:

  1. Wash the stone grinder and leave it a little moist.
  2. Assemble all the ingredients.
  3. Pour a little milk onto the grinder and put in the saffron strand.
  4. Grind the saffron strand using the nutmeg itself.
  5. Apply a little pressure and move the nutmeg round in circles. If the mixture starts to feel dry, add in a little milk again.
  6. Keep grinding the nutmeg with milk until a desired quantity is achieved.
  7. Remove the paste into a bowl and apply it on the face and neck.
  8. Leave it on to dry. Minimum time is at least 30 minutes to get a good effect. You can also leave it overnight to get best results.
  9. Wash with warm water and pat to dry the face.


  1. If you have very oily skin, I suggest you make this mask in water or honey and skip the milk completely.
  2. Leave this mask on for at least 30 minutes, leaving it overnight gives better results.
  3. If you are known to be a night owl, I think you can use this mask at night since it also induces sleep to some extent.
  4. Using the grinding stone makes it possible to grind the nutmeg in extremely fine paste which does not irritate the acne or pimples.